How do you create buildings that capture hearts and imaginations?

Thousands of people pour into Fed Square everyday not knowing that a small army of designers spent seven years thinking and working each moment, nothing could have prepared us for the impact this project continues to have.

Federation Square – Melbourne.
Lab Architecture Studio 1997 – 2004. James was the Design Architect for the NGVA, & Tim Project Architect for the North Atrium and Deakin Edge buildings.


What makes a building, become more than a building?

Once people moved beyond the basic need of creating shelter, they have deployed their buildings for big ideas. Understanding what motivates architecture that is endlessly fascinating and individual.

Museum of Old and New (MONA) – Hobart
Tandem, worked with art-trepeneur David Walsh and Nonda Katsilidis to develop concept design exploring the massing, organisation, circulation and key experiences.
MONA received the Sir Zelman Cowan Award in 2012


The Tandem brain is its people and it could be you.

We are currently seeking Architects with 3+ years experience to join the studio. Please send CV/Folio to email below


Why cover the world in buildings?

Sustainability is not only a noun, it’s an action too. We action Sustainability wherever our practice takes us.

House & Home

Can domestic architecture be more than a design statement?

Television shows about people making architecture has helped raise the debate whether a designed home makes for better living. Are buildings dream factories? What building changed your life? Or are buildings Corbu’s idea for machines for living?

True North – Kensington
2017 IDEA Awards Shortlist Residential New
2017 IDEA Awards Shortlist Sustainability2017 Sustainability Awards Finalist Residential
2017 Victorian Architecture Awards Commendation Residential New
Grand Designs 2017

Prospect & Refuge

How can we create enduring spaces?

Located just below the crest of a hill, the wings of this building extend to create sheltered courtyards.

A place that protects you, while giving you space and time to dream futures into view.

C–House – Yarra Valley


Practice-led, research driven, think about what’s next, deliver something new. Designed, fabricated, installed and occupied in under 9 months a meeting of team effort, a range of innovative contractual, design, fabrication and installation strategies – a new community centre along with a new approach to housing ­­– See Unbreak Housing. Watch this space too.

Mt Atkinson Vision Centre – Truganina
December 2020


A project showing energy efficient architecture and sustainable is realised through good design.  A community centre at Aurora, the Victorian Government’s exemplar suburban development.

Creeds Farm Living and Learning Centre – Epping
2011 Victorian Architecture Awards Commendation Sustainable Architecture
2011 Intergrain Timber Vision Awards Best Commercial Exterior


Can origami influence the built form?

An incredible engineer, Peter Felicetti, helped us to discover how.

Lakeside Stadium – South Melbourne
H2O Architects Lead Architects, TANDEM design development, documentation North Stand.


Our retail strips are a measure of digital’s impact on shopping. Supply and demand drives architecture – a change of use in one part of the community, is an opportunity for new ventures and innovation in another.

Yellow Earth – Emporium in Melbourne.
All our motives are connected, or it’s a shopfront, but not as we know it.

2016 Highly Commended IDEA Awards Best Retail
2016 Shortlist Interior Design Awards Best Retail


The 20th Century was the age of the genius, but now the genius is dead. The 21st Century is the age of the team.
Attilio Terragni

James and Tim, lead and mentor a passionate team of architects, designers, and support people.  Our Tandem brain creates the opportunity to explore richer, more complex ideas and outcomes.


How do we connect the past to our future?

An enduring question in architecture is understanding the memory, history and use of a site.

Page St – Albert Park


Slow, expensive and uncertain, the Australian housing system needs to be unbroken.

TANDEM–HOLT is our Brisbane based research practise working with university partners to deliver cheaper, faster, sustainable housing, along with community building ­­– See Fast Architecture, Think affordable housing for a sustainable future.

Watch this space.

TO Market

How do we make markets destinations of choice now that they are no longer a necessity?

We are working with South Melbourne Market, Dandenong , Queen Victoria  and Paddy’s in Sydney to help them rethink and keep relevant their offer.

Our market experience has also led to private market proposals and retail precincts.


all lit

The terrace is Melbourne’s traditional built form; its robust architecture, an invitation to create new ideas.

Widely published in peer review and mainstream press, the Kensington Lighthouse lit up our imagination to make housing better.

Kensington Lighthouse Kensington

2010 Winner IDEA Awards Residential Interior
2010 Shortlist Interior Design Awards Residential 2009 Finalist Australian Timber Design Awards  2009 Winner Best Use of Wood Veneers


A commercial space in South Melbourne designed to inspire service excellence.

Ferrars StreetSouth Melbourne

Break New Ground

A new building, a company headquarters, the heart of an international import business.  Buildings, like their workforce are alive, responding to change, ready for purpose, flexible for future growth.

Set in a rapidly urbanising industrial edge of the city and part of the city’s re-making.


Our retail strips are a measure of digital’s impact on shopping. Supply and demand drives architecture – a change of use in one part of the community, is an opportunity for new ventures and innovation in another.

Hugg shop – Melbourne


This page is a tribute to founding designer, Dominique Ng.  An empty page is often where ideas begin, and when this is taken away, memory remains. Vale Dominique.


Sustainability is not only a noun, it’s an action too. We action it wherever we go, because our natural world never stops being full of wonder.