TANDEM project 167K nominated for 2020 Sustainability Awards (Commercial Architecture)

For the past 14 years, Architecture & Design has hosted the nation’s most respected Sustainability Awards program devoted to Australia’s built environment. Since then, the conversation around and integration of sustainability in design has steadily gained momentum, now widely considered one of our industry’s utmost priorities, and the projects are booming in quality and quantity.

The Architecture & Design Sustainability Awards serves to reward those who share our desire to curtail and reverse the ecological footprint of our built environment and celebrate those who design, manufacture and construct green buildings, products and materials of all sizes and purposes. To deliver such a distinguished level of award relies on the highest calibre and diversity of entries to ensure that the finalists and winners of each category represent, quite simply, Australia’s best.

For the Awards to truly do our industry (and the topic of sustainable design) due justice, receiving the very best entries that our industry has to offer is paramount. So why not show them what you’ve and help make the 2020 Architecture & Design Sustainability Awards the best yet.

Sustainability Awards 2020